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About Nova Innovation


Nova delivers investment banking advisory experience and commercial knowledge gained from years of advising private sector developers and Government authorities on landmark project financings in the region


Nova Innovative Capital (Nova) is a privately held company established in Dubai and Malaysia with a business philosophy that is based upon three principal pillars:

  • Project Finance Advisory
  • Investments in Infrastructure and Energy
  • Investments in Innovative Technology

We advise our clients on optimising their equity investments through meticulous project development experience and efficient project financing, and  develop innovative solutions to access new sources of capital available for financing of infrastructure and energy projects.

Similarly we raise and invest equity capital in the projects that we develop and advise on, thus having ‘skin in the game’ and able to progress complex projects from concept stages to debt financing.

Nova is a tremendous advocate of change, and are involved in early capital raises and investments in technology ventures, especially Fin Tech. We believe that this keeps us ahead of the innovation curve and we are keen to work with like-minded technology developers.

Our approach is to focus on innovation in delivering advice and leveraging on our strategic partnerships and extensive network of contacts across the investment value chain e.g. from strategic and financial equity investors; international and regional banks; and market leading legal and technical partners.